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Beijing Shangzhuang Nalan Xingde Historic Relics Exhibition Hall


Beijing Shangzhuang Nalan Xingde Historic Relics Exhibition Hall, a traditional Chinese building with the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty, was built in 1998 to commemorate Nalan Xingde (1655—1685), a Manchu poet of ci in the Qing Dynasty. Nalan Xingde, originally named Chengde, courtesy name of Rongruo, belonged to the Plain Yellow Banner of the Eight Banners. He is a great poet with the most reader and greatest influence among other poets in the Qing Dynasty. Open to the public in 1999, the exhibition hall sits on the waterside of the picturesque.

Zhangshuang Cui Lake, covering an area of 15,000 square meters in which 1,750 square meters is for the main building. Through the entrance of the festoon gate, you will find a beautifully decorated pathway which connects the main and other buildings.

The exhibition hall showcases Nalan' s life and results through historical documents, pictures, charts, entities and characters. Comprised of seven sections such as his background, life stories and poems, it displays 200 items and over 500 calligraphy and painting works.

Transportation: Take Bus No.303, 933 to Shangzhuang Reservoir Stop.

Business Hours: 9: 00-16: 00

Admission Fee: 5 RMB

Address: Shangzhuang Cuihu Water Village, Shangzhuang Town, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区上庄镇翠湖水乡

Tel: 010-80713599


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